Sunday, July 17, 2011

Driver side

I have spent more time working on the driver side framing. I have a little more birch inside to install, 2 more pieces. I had one rusted screw on the top side skin and had pulled the skin to look at the wood and it pulled through. So I have a larger hole in the skin that I will need to figure out later. I had to also start working on pulling the edge trim off the front up to the roof. I got some screws off around the front window and took off the drip rail. Rusted screws are a nightmare. SO I have about 3/4ths of the driver side framing replaced. The weather has been hot so I started using two tarps to create shade between the camper and the fence so it is a little easier to work. Still hot but easier not being under the sun. With moving towards the front end (inside it is the closet)there is more birch to be replaced that I thought. I might have to take the top skin off to see the condition of the wood at the top. I was hoping to not have to disturb the roof. But I need to fix everything that needs to be fixed.


  1. Its been very hot here too...your project is moving along nicely!