Thursday, June 9, 2011


Took the window drip rail off
Took the storage door and drip rail off
Took handle, Nomad name plate and oval pieces off
Took back side brake light off
Found a good amount of rot and the back - down the seam
Not sure what is on top of the roof - I am sure it will have to come off

Finally got curbside window out (dang rusted screws)
Took door and door drip rail out
Took full bottom skin piece off
Found most the framing looks pretty good - will need to replace wood around bottom and wheel well
Had to tarp back up - rain coming
Picked up some kreg pocket screws, gray, chrome and pink spray paint - may return the oink to get rustoleum. Ordered the kreg jog and clamp from amazon and also some mothers mag and some polishing pieces for the drill
tried scrubbing the handle, name plate and oval piece - will end up spry painting chrome. She isn't looking so hot in the pictures below - YIKES

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  1. Hi - thanks for following my blog - that brought me to yours. :)
    In the first photo of Gizmo, it looks pretty good. Are you going to be able to salvage all the neat inside stuff you removed?
    It's going to be so cute when you're done!