Sunday, June 12, 2011

More Framing

Today was a great weather day to work on the camper. I stopped my brother Pat's to pick up some well needed tools - Skill saw, jig saw, clamps, dremel, and a box of cups (an added bonus) I really appreciate that he has all these tools to borrow and of course his words of wisdom - very helpful. It's all nice to chat with Pat. I also went to Home Dept to get a 1x6 and some screws. I took off the bottom board - which was harder than I thought it would be. The way they built these in layers baffles me sometimes. It was hard to get the not so rotted pieces off. I think I have to replace some of the birch because it went down to the bottom, so I will have to sandwich it between the floor and the framing board. Since I have to get the birch and cut it, I went ahead and did some random cleaning of the floor on one side. Had to remove the carpet screws adhesive on the floor and the wheel well. Too bad the whole floor isn't in good shape so I can keep it. The picture shows the wood pieces on the ground. Boy this is moving slow !!!!! The weather would have been great to camp in, so I am getting anxious to have this completed, but I am far from that.

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