Sunday, September 25, 2011

More September work

I wasn't able to get Gizmo finished to attend the Midwest Vintage trailer rally or the Heartland gathering in Indiana the following weekend. I was a little disappointed, but in a rush to finish I was getting a little aggravated with my project.

So here is the progress update:
Finished the front birch replacement, framing, insulation and reinstalled the skin
Floor - installed leveling goop on parts of the floor that had missing tile, installed a new plywood floor and the new VCT tile (glue is my enemy)
Back side - installed the birch and most of the framing (I messed up a little on the welting - will have to figure out later)
Reinstalled the curved shelf - replaced the side bracket that was rotted
Inside birch - sanded and applied some amber shellac
Reinstalled the curbside bench - replaced to boards that were rotted, resealed it
Cushions - made 1 large bench cushion in gray - my first attempt at piping - turned out OK for my first time - only three more cushions to go - jeesh
I made a flag banner to hang along the inside curved shelf.
I have someone helping me with the wiring, so I am waiting on him before I can finish reinstalling the skin.
I found a used small refrigerator at an estate sale for 20 bucks - good score. Then I also found an unused porti potti at the thrift store for 3.95 - even better score !!!!

Whats left - still waiting for the title, more framing on the driver side around the electrical and pipe, more framing on the backside (two horizontal pieces), adding some birch strips on the seams inside, replaced piping, wiring, reinstall windows and skin, install drip rail, paint the outside, install new tires, make three cushions, make curtains, paint inside of door - lots more to do. I hope to be able to go to an event in October in Indiana on 10/21. A few pictures: