Sunday, June 26, 2011

Birch has been found

Not much progress - I cleaned up two more drip rails. They will need some finishing touches, so I have 4 of the 6 done. I finally found 1/8" Birch 4x8 panels at Owl Lumber in Oak Lawn. I also got some more pine - 1x3, 1x6 and 1x8's. I also picked up some denatured alcohol (to thin out the shellac)and some screw nails. I took out about half the screws on the drivers side, took out the fresh water fill hole, window drip rail, wheel well trim, all the window screws except 4 - rusted. The curbside birch is in pretty good shape except for the bottom. So instead of replacing all of it, I am going to cut the bottom off and replace it. It will be hidden by the bench. I cut the once piece out, cut new birch and put the amber shellac on it. This is a good piece to practice on. I will put the piece in and start adding more framing in the next few days. Spent about 200.00 bucks this weekend in supplies - mostly wood. Jeesshhh. Had to wrap her up because its supposed to rain tomorrow.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

More Framing

Today I took out the little refrigerator - Apparently it is both electric and propane. I have no idea if it worked. It was not connected by wiring or the propane connection so I am sure the previous owner stopped using it. I thought I would get a little bigger refrigerator and put it in the space of the oven/stove. It came out pretty easy and then I found a hole in the floor, wonder what that was for but it most likely allowed for mice to move in. I pulled up the bottom brace and found a lovely (not really lovely) mouse. I think that is where the slight smell is coming from.

EEEWWWWWWWWW .................

I am still baffled about the steps to take next. I bought a small piece of 1/4" - 2'x4' birch sheet to do some panel replacing. Thinking the 1/4" is stronger but it will most likely throw things off, one being a little thicker than the other. So I will go to Fox lumber to get 3 or 4 sheets of the 1/8" birch. I was able to start replacing some rotted framing. I used my Kreg jig and it really helped things go smooth. So I got 6 pieces replaced. Feels good to have something actually fixed instead of more destruction.

I spray painted the Nomad sign, handle and the oval tag with a chrome paint. It came out OK - I think I will sand it and try one more coat

Things I have learned for the future:
- Get another drill - it would make it easier to have the Kreg bit in one and the screw bit in the other, instead or having to go back and forth.
- Get a power strip so each tool is plugged in - saw, drills, Dremel and even the jig saw if I need it.
- No need to pull tarp off completely - just pull it up on the side I am working on and find something better to hold it up - chunks of wood that fell off a few times, wasn't ideal.
- may actually use 1"x3" boards instead of the 1"x2"
-Remember to add wood glue before screwing together (not sure if I need to do this)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Go Away Rain

More rain - so Gizmo's blue rain coat won't be coming off today.

Even my pups didn't want to go outside and they ALWAYS like to go outside. (Tank is on the left and Ozzie is on the right)

But I did get some goodies in the mail - Yeah, I got my Kreg bit and clamp and I found some Mother's Mag and some polishing drill bits.

So tonight I will do some more paint-scrappin'-off-the-window drip rails, inside where it is dry - SOS pads, here I come !

Sunday, June 12, 2011

More Framing

Today was a great weather day to work on the camper. I stopped my brother Pat's to pick up some well needed tools - Skill saw, jig saw, clamps, dremel, and a box of cups (an added bonus) I really appreciate that he has all these tools to borrow and of course his words of wisdom - very helpful. It's all nice to chat with Pat. I also went to Home Dept to get a 1x6 and some screws. I took off the bottom board - which was harder than I thought it would be. The way they built these in layers baffles me sometimes. It was hard to get the not so rotted pieces off. I think I have to replace some of the birch because it went down to the bottom, so I will have to sandwich it between the floor and the framing board. Since I have to get the birch and cut it, I went ahead and did some random cleaning of the floor on one side. Had to remove the carpet screws adhesive on the floor and the wheel well. Too bad the whole floor isn't in good shape so I can keep it. The picture shows the wood pieces on the ground. Boy this is moving slow !!!!! The weather would have been great to camp in, so I am getting anxious to have this completed, but I am far from that.

Drip Rail

Previous owner had painted the drip rails and windows, so i started to remove the paint by scrubbing with an SOS pad. It worked, but took awhile. I have to try and find an easier way to get rid of the paint. I do say there is some satisfaction in cleaning aluminum, because it looks so nice when it is all shiny. I have six of these to do - 4 windows, 1 above the door, and 1 above the storage door.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Took the window drip rail off
Took the storage door and drip rail off
Took handle, Nomad name plate and oval pieces off
Took back side brake light off
Found a good amount of rot and the back - down the seam
Not sure what is on top of the roof - I am sure it will have to come off

Finally got curbside window out (dang rusted screws)
Took door and door drip rail out
Took full bottom skin piece off
Found most the framing looks pretty good - will need to replace wood around bottom and wheel well
Had to tarp back up - rain coming
Picked up some kreg pocket screws, gray, chrome and pink spray paint - may return the oink to get rustoleum. Ordered the kreg jog and clamp from amazon and also some mothers mag and some polishing pieces for the drill
tried scrubbing the handle, name plate and oval piece - will end up spry painting chrome. She isn't looking so hot in the pictures below - YIKES