Sunday, April 1, 2012

April update

No April fools - I have been working on the camper. (ummm on March 17th, I became the owner of my 2nd vintage camper - 1961 Fan. I will post in a few days about it with pictures) I still have my to do list but it is coming along. Still trying to work on the outside between weather changes. It is looking so cute inside !!! I have all the curtains done - the things hanging at the top of the rod are what I am using for tie backs - just wrapping the vine around it - done, easy peasy. Made a mini chandelier light fixture using vintage metal embroidery hoop and glass pieces. Have to get more done before April 30th, going on a STOF (sisters on the Fly)campout at Tippicanoe State Park. Can't wait for the season opener of camping !

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I actually made these back in October 2011. I really love the way they turned out. I have had the pillow forms for awhile, so it was good to use some of my stash. I used some vintage materials - a dollie, a flour bag, buttons. I bought two other pillows that are a little bigger that I didn't take a picture of. So there will be three pillows on each side of the camper.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Interior Project

Since I can't work on the outside of the camper with the cold weather, I can work on some interior projects. I love collecting vintage jewelry and have lots of it. So I finally used some of it in this project. I am so happy with how it turned out. I had bought the oval frame at an estate sale last year. It was missing some trim, but I knew I could use it for something. So I painted it cream and used some burnt amber to add some depth. I think I still may sand the edges a bit. I put some pink fabric on some chipboard as the backbone and begin gluing away. I used hot glue, thinking it would adhere better to the fabric, but also to take a part at a later date. Now just to find the perfect spot in the camper for it. I am thinking the back wall so you can see it when you look into the camper.

Monday, December 19, 2011

First STOF outing

So it has been awhile since I posted last. I was trying to get my camper ready for my first outing on 10/21/11 weekend. I took it in to get new ties and ended up replacing the axle and some other stuff. I had them wire the tail lights. They couldn't get to the marker lights so I will bring it back in the spring. But I feel everything is safe now with the work that was done. So I took off Thursday and Friday to work on the camper before I went to Potato Creek in Indiana. I worked my butt off and get it semi ready to go around 7:00 on Friday. So I got to the campsite in the dark. My first road trip and it pulled pretty easy. When I pulled into the campsite, some of the sisters offered to help back it in - I so need to practice backing it into spaces. It was cold (38 degrees is what my car showed) and dark. So I just set up a bit and went to bed. I had a little space heater that kept the inside of the camper really warm. Next morning I introduced myself to the other sisters. We had breakfast, went on a hike in a corn maze, did some crafts (decorated a pumpkin or made a birdseed wreath), some ladies dressed up in costume, had a chili cook off, played a few games, and told some good stories by the fire. There was about 20 of us that came to this STOF event. It was a lot of fun. The ladies are really nice. Some even decorated their campers for Halloween. I missed the auction on Friday night, but we had a silent auction for my Halloween basket that raised 35 bucks. So overall we raised over 750 bucks for Casting for Recovery. Great cause and so happy we can help. Here are some of the campers. Great 1st STOF experience and can't wait for the next one. I still have lots of work to do before I can say the camper is finished but I can say I am addicted and look forward to many more camping adventures.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

More September work

I wasn't able to get Gizmo finished to attend the Midwest Vintage trailer rally or the Heartland gathering in Indiana the following weekend. I was a little disappointed, but in a rush to finish I was getting a little aggravated with my project.

So here is the progress update:
Finished the front birch replacement, framing, insulation and reinstalled the skin
Floor - installed leveling goop on parts of the floor that had missing tile, installed a new plywood floor and the new VCT tile (glue is my enemy)
Back side - installed the birch and most of the framing (I messed up a little on the welting - will have to figure out later)
Reinstalled the curved shelf - replaced the side bracket that was rotted
Inside birch - sanded and applied some amber shellac
Reinstalled the curbside bench - replaced to boards that were rotted, resealed it
Cushions - made 1 large bench cushion in gray - my first attempt at piping - turned out OK for my first time - only three more cushions to go - jeesh
I made a flag banner to hang along the inside curved shelf.
I have someone helping me with the wiring, so I am waiting on him before I can finish reinstalling the skin.
I found a used small refrigerator at an estate sale for 20 bucks - good score. Then I also found an unused porti potti at the thrift store for 3.95 - even better score !!!!

Whats left - still waiting for the title, more framing on the driver side around the electrical and pipe, more framing on the backside (two horizontal pieces), adding some birch strips on the seams inside, replaced piping, wiring, reinstall windows and skin, install drip rail, paint the outside, install new tires, make three cushions, make curtains, paint inside of door - lots more to do. I hope to be able to go to an event in October in Indiana on 10/21. A few pictures:

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Work continues

I don't have pictures but work continues
I used oil based kilz to cover the water damaged tiles - to seal them
I did the same for under the sink and front cabinet - there was a smell that I couldn't get rid off, so I wanted to seal the order. Turns out it was the plywood piece that was under the stove. So I took that out and replaced with a new piece of plywood.
I added some insulation to the roof of the closet area
I thought the curved piece of birch would be easy to replace - uh, not so much. I had to cut it to install in two pieces. One is up and I am learning things aren't square - duh.
I added the front small birch piece above the window, added a horizontal piece of frame in the front, and started rebuilding the framing by the closet - this area is taking way more time and work than I thought it would.
Boy oh boy, I have so much work to do before I go on her maiden voyage on September 13th to the Midwest Vintage Trailer rally. Still waiting for the title to come in the mail.
I bought a GPS - Garmin Nuvi - my first one . Figured I will need it - off to charge it up

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Demo

I was working on the front and did more demo than I thought it needed. But in typical fashion, once I opened it up, the more work needed to be done. It is a little scary to see it in that condition. I know it will all be worth it in the end. No need to cut corners.I hope I can put it back together the right way - AHHHH !!!!