Sunday, April 1, 2012

April update

No April fools - I have been working on the camper. (ummm on March 17th, I became the owner of my 2nd vintage camper - 1961 Fan. I will post in a few days about it with pictures) I still have my to do list but it is coming along. Still trying to work on the outside between weather changes. It is looking so cute inside !!! I have all the curtains done - the things hanging at the top of the rod are what I am using for tie backs - just wrapping the vine around it - done, easy peasy. Made a mini chandelier light fixture using vintage metal embroidery hoop and glass pieces. Have to get more done before April 30th, going on a STOF (sisters on the Fly)campout at Tippicanoe State Park. Can't wait for the season opener of camping !