Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Work continues

I don't have pictures but work continues
I used oil based kilz to cover the water damaged tiles - to seal them
I did the same for under the sink and front cabinet - there was a smell that I couldn't get rid off, so I wanted to seal the order. Turns out it was the plywood piece that was under the stove. So I took that out and replaced with a new piece of plywood.
I added some insulation to the roof of the closet area
I thought the curved piece of birch would be easy to replace - uh, not so much. I had to cut it to install in two pieces. One is up and I am learning things aren't square - duh.
I added the front small birch piece above the window, added a horizontal piece of frame in the front, and started rebuilding the framing by the closet - this area is taking way more time and work than I thought it would.
Boy oh boy, I have so much work to do before I go on her maiden voyage on September 13th to the Midwest Vintage Trailer rally. Still waiting for the title to come in the mail.
I bought a GPS - Garmin Nuvi - my first one . Figured I will need it - off to charge it up

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  1. Hi Maureen :D You Go Girl! Are you doing all the work yourself? Where is the Sept. 13th Rally being Held? Is this the one hosted TinCan Tourists? In Camp Dearborn, Michigan?

    Can't wait to see your progress, and ofcourse you Finished "Gizmo" :D